Tourist’s' much need pitstop in Naracoorte

British tourists Jerry and Vicky Harper arrived in Naracoorte in an unusual fashion on Monday afternoon following a bike malfunction during an epic ride.

The couple were about 90km from town when Jerry’s front wheel spoke gave way, causing them to very carefully complete their journey to Naracoorte to have the bike repaired. 

“We did about about 150 (km) today so after about 55-60 (km) there was a big ping,” Jerry said. “We had to take the spoke out and nurse it along.”

Despite escaping injury, Jerry knows the potential dangers and inconvenience it could have presented. 

“It’s a real problem when you don’t have bike shops or you can’t do your own repairs,” he said. 

The Harpers are half way through their trip to Adelaide having begun in Bendigo, Victoria. They decided to stay in Naracoorte overnight having passed by on an identical trek last year. 

“We had a very nice coffee the last time we came so we’ll head back there,“ Jerry said. “We are at the bike shop in the morning so we’ll go back and put some money in the local community.” 

The pair have been cycling in Australia for many years over the past two decades and plan to cover the entire country. 

“There is a master plan that my wife has that we can cycle across Australia from west to east,” Jerry said.

So fair, they have averaged about 2000km each trip which included a 1700km trip from Bendigo to Rainbow Beach in Queensland. 

Vicky said cycling across country is a great way to see places and they enjoy meeting new, interesting people along the way.

The tourists will be hoping that the windy conditions they have experienced so far will ease.

In the future, the Harpers will aim to tackle a Ceduna to WA journey via Eyre Highway.