Naracoorte High School students learn leadership skills

Naracoorte High School senior students engaged in a program designed to develop leadership skills this week.

Thirty students across all year levels gathered at the Naracoorte Hotel/Motel on Monday for two sessions that focused on identifying the skills that leaders need, what leaders do and psychology of change. 

School principal Kym Grant said Naracoorte High has been setting up a system that provides students with a greater opportunity to develop leadership skills through their new house system.

“The school has wanted to provide quality leadership training for our young leaders of the community and so we’ve spent mush time looking at various individuals to do this,” Mr Grant said.

Naracoorte High School now has three houses which are headed by captains and year level representatives as well as their school captain. 

The year level representatives were chosen by the house captains.

“We are treating them as young adults and giving them the skills necessary to lead their houses,” Mr Grant said.

Mr Grant said the students were happy with the school bringing in an outside professional to conduct the sessions. 

“Feedback from the students was (it was) ‘excellent to have someone from outside of education who is known statewide, internationally as well as (having a) high credibility with many bushiness, industries and governments’.”

Denise Picton, managing director of OzTrain which is a training and consultancy firm based in Adelaide, was in charge of implementing the leadership strategies. 

Mr Grant believes the feedback and performance from past students is enough to prove the program effective.

“It’s certainly had an impact on the first group of students,” he said. “They’ve left our school in my opinion with a very high skill set.”

The principal explained that the training Mrs Picton is providing is very similar to what she does at a normal business, industry and government level.

“It’s not watered down, she has spoken to them as adults and it is quality training that they’re getting.”

Mrs Picton will be invited back to Naracoorte later this year to continue to build on the skills that students have learnt.