Stolen bike has silver lining

Naracoorte’s Ben Jackson has had his faith in human nature restored after having his bike stolen for a second time.

Ben was devastated late last month when he went to ride home from school on his new BMX bike, but found the lock had been cut and it had been stolen.

It was the second time in only a few months that Ben had a bike stolen, to the exasperation of his family.

But the story was about to take a surprising and positive twist.

His mum Joanne said: “He was absolutely devastated so we made a report to police and put posts on Facebook.

“After a few hours and lots of shares a young lad from Edenhope Kobi Gene stepped up and offered his BMX bike to Ben.

“And Ainsley Dowling from local business SE Wheel Alignment and Tyre Service donated a lock for the bike and $100 to Ben. Such fantastic people.”

Joanne said the support from the good samaritans had restored Ben’s faith in people, and while he hoped the same thing wouldn’t happen to anyone else, he hoped they would be supported like he was if it did happen.