Naracoorte ILC enjoying new building

Naracoorte Independent Learning Centre’s staff and students have started 2017 with a new logo as well as a brand new learning space.

The relocation from their previous building at 6 Ormerod St to their new space at 157 Smith St was made possible after receiving an ‘ICAN’ community grant from the Government of South Australia late last year.

Naracoorte ILC campus manager Tammy Schinckel said the new building has been a hive of activity since they took over the lease on December 9.

“From the time we took over, everyone had 22 days to get it all done – I just can’t believe that we’ve pulled it off in the time frame that we had,” she said.

“After spending 12 months looking for somewhere suitable to move to, it’s unbelievable that we did it in such a quick turnaround.”

Mrs Schinckel said only local businesses were used to transform what was Movies on Main into a community learning hub.

“We only employed local businesses and I’m glad we were able to use local tradesmen – if you’re going to create a community hub, then to me it’s important that you use local people to do it.

“I’m really proud of the fact that we were able to achieve that as it was something I was really passionate about.”

With numerous offices, a community meeting space, several soundproof consulting rooms, a kitchen and bathroom facilities – including a disabled toilet - Mrs Schinckel said the new building would be available for the wider community to use by the end of term one.

“We’re hoping that the new facilities will attract mental health and well-being services from Mount Gambier as the offices will be available to sub-lease,” she said.

“We wanted the new building to be accessible and attractive to the entire community and hope lots of people will make use of it in the future.”

Staff and students officially moved into the new hub last week and are thoroughly enjoying their new learning environment.

“I’m really enjoying the new space as it’s a lot bigger and having the back shed with more storage space is great to have access to,” Naracoorte ILC Year 12 student Skye Pulic said.