Football club penalised for breach

A South Australian community football club has been penalised after being investigated for a breach of regulations controlling the payment of players.

The club – the identity of which will remain confidential – has been penalised with a fine of $1750 and the the loss of 3 Approved Player Points System (APPS) points for paying a player a sign-on fee which is in breach of Regulation 31 (the Player Payment Cap).

The Salary Cap Commissioner also imposed a suspended penalty of 4 premiership points (2 Matches) for seasons 2017 and 2018, which will be invoked following any further breach of Regulation 31.

The penalty follows a full investigation by Community Football’s Player Payments Investigation Committee pertaining to the payment of a sign on fee, which resulted in the confirmation of breaches committed by the Club, Coach and Club Officials.

“The club cooperated with all aspects of the investigation, which led to a reduced penalty,” said Community Football Manager Matt Duldig.

“However, the fact that the club and the people involved have all been penalised should serve as a warning to everyone that Community Football is very serious about policing the issue of player payments.

“The majority of clubs are following the rules and are seeing the positive impact of the salary cap, which is helping to redirect money toward spending on facilities, junior development and coaching.

“However, those that aren’t should understand that they will be caught and penalised.”

- Release issued by SA Community Football