Local’s phone scam warning

Hang up: Advice from a local on phone scams.
Hang up: Advice from a local on phone scams.

A Herald reader is warning locals about a phone scam potentially doing the rounds.

The Naracoorte resident said he answered a call on Sunday night from a man who said he was from the US and wanted to help him guard his computer against international intruders.

“He said my computer had been used by people in America and if I didn't cooperate fairly quickly it will be shut down,” the local told the Herald.

“I spent half an hour talking to him, what he was saying seemed to make sense.”

The caller tried to convince the local to start his computer so he could talk him through the process of removing the threat, but fortunately the computer didn’t start properly.

Realising the call was probably a scam, the local’s wife hung up before they divulged any important information.

“I just want to warn people who are maybe older than me that they should be aware and to hang up straight away, that’s what I’ll be doing next time.”