Letters to the editor – May 4

A big thank you

I would like to thank Claire and Gordon Williams and son Robert for their kind welcome to me when I visited Naracoorte over several days last week. 

My quest was to find the place which I had been searching for over many years - "View Bank".  Gordon's original pioneer family was through William Williams and his infant son John. 

John was my great grandfathers brother.  This was an important quest for me. The courtesy and family time will never be forgotten.

It was absolutely wonderful hearing and seeing the history of my extended family. Thank you so very much.  


Thank you to CFS

Sunday marked the end of fire danger season in SA.

Thankfully, unlike last year, there were no severe bush fire incidents in SA, however CFS volunteers still attended over 6000 incidents during the season.

I would like to take the opportunity to record my thanks to our hard working, dedicated CFS volunteers who serve our community with distinction and ensure our continued safety.

While the fire danger season is now over please remain cautious and exercise common sense with any planned burning activity. Be sure to review your fire safety plan in the lead up to the next fire danger season. Let’s keep working together to ensure we mitigate the bushfire risk our communities face.

TONY PASIN, Federal Member for Barker.

Oakden response 

On behalf of the board, management and staff of Longridge Aged Care, I wish to address the recent untenable situation that has occurred at Oakden Nursing Home in Adelaide.

We at Longridge Aged Care work tirelessly and passionately to provide a caring, safe and comfortable home here in Naracoorte. We feel appalled that the situation has occurred in Oakden, a state-run organisation.

Longridge, a not-for-profit organisation, strives to meet strict accreditation guidelines, to remain accredited within Australia’s aged care system and to continue to receive commonwealth funding, to make our services to our community viable.  

To meet these requirements, Longridge is committed to an  extensive continuous improvement system, a comprehensive quality assurance program and internal and external complaints processes. 

Knowing this level of expectation of ongoing accreditation demands to achieve excellence, compliance and the intense scrutiny required to meet aged care standards, we are at a loss to understand how the system could have completely failed the residents and their families at Oakden.

As a community, we should continue to feel immense pride in what we have here at Naracoorte and we at Longridge feel shocked and appalled at what has taken place at Oakden.

Longridge enjoys fantastic community support and we welcome you to come along and see for yourselves. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with me at any time.


Power problem

The more I think about it, the more I must question the Weatherill government’s solution to our power problem.

I agree that something has to change. The fact that the Australia Electricity Market Operator chose to reduce load and black out homes and business instead of directing a generator to start up shocked us all.

But I don’t think spending $350 million of taxpayers’ money building a new gas fired power plant is the way to go. We’ve been told that it won’t be competing on the electricity market (so it won’t drive down power prices) and will only be used in emergencies That’s a lot of money to spend on something that will run at most 30 or 40 hours a year.

All this even though there was unutilised generation capacity available in the grid. I’m afraid that the project will end up being another white elephant, much like the desalination plant we had to have.

The second problem will be around the supply and cost of gas to it. Neither supply nor cost of gas was an issue before the 3 LNG export terminals in Gladstone were built. Now we are exporting 70% of the gas extracted in Australia and we are set to become the world’s largest exporter of Liquified Natural Gas.

Internationally there is a LNG glut, and it is forecast to be in oversupply beyond 2030, hence international prices have crashed. Domestically the price of gas is at record highs.

Jay Weatherill’s and Tom Koutsantonis’s answer to this is to increase local gas extraction. They want to drill more wells and have handed Beach Energy $6 million to get them on their way.

Extracting gas in the Limestone Coast will do nothing to drop the price of gas or electricity. It will only pave the way for the development of gas fields in the South East. Our government is supporting gas producers to explore and extract. Once the conventional wells are drilled, the transmission pipes are laid and the compressor and drying stations are built, when the infrastructure is in place, then it’s very easy to ‘Frack’ a well or begin unconventional extraction.

Do you expect a company to build all this infrastructure, then walk away from their investment when there is still gas they can extract whatever the cost to the community, the environment and the future of this region?

Jay, Tom is this your plan for our region?

You won’t be getting my vote.

DAVID BLACK, Eight Mile Creek.