Naracoorte Apex Club set for revival

REVIVAL: Luke Smitheman (left) and Brett Rumball are hoping to spark new interest in the Naracoorte Apex Club.

REVIVAL: Luke Smitheman (left) and Brett Rumball are hoping to spark new interest in the Naracoorte Apex Club.

Naracoorte Apex Club is set for a big comeback following keen interest from two young locals.

Luke Smitheman and Brett Rumball hope to return to the club to its halcyon days, having already reconnected some key influential people.

“Our role collectively is to try and generate some numbers and interest in Apex in Naracoorte,” Luke said.

The pair hosted an information session last week at the club’s headquarters which brought together some of the life members and “senior actives”.

Those present got to hear first-hand about the history of the local Apex club and how it has helped service the town over the years.

Luke, 28, said the “excitement and energy” the pair got from the club’s dignitaries had further inspired them to reignite the cause.

“It’s really inspiring and that transfer of energy goes a long way,” he said. “I’m pretty energised to make sure this goes a long way.”

The duo are seeking to attract about 30 members aged between 18-45 to join or volunteer their time on a occasional basis.

Brett, 27, said they’ve so far been using the group’s “circle of influence” to boost interest.

“We are drawing on people that know people instead of trying to approach someone that we don’t know then we can build the club with people that basically know each other,” he said.

The keen volunteer said being a part of the club would be a good learning experience in a social environment.

“There’s a lot of skills to learn for people that’s not only for themselves but things they can do for the community,” Brett said.

Both men believe there will be a smooth transition after people commit to the club given the existing solid foundation.

“To walk into a club that’s already started, financed and has assets is good instead of having to start a new club from scratch,” Brett said.

“The name Apex around town has dwindled in the last few years but the respect it has is still there,” Luke said.

Having been a previous committee member in 2012-13, Luke said: “Apex is one of those things that have touched a lot of families in this area.

“You get the satisfaction and reward from seeing the hard work that you’ve put in and what you’ve fund-raised for has gone to somebody that actually needs it.”

The new look leadership will hold another information session next week before holding a general meeting.

To join or find out more, contact Luke Smitheman 0419 816 170 or Brett Rumball 0429 063 816.