Naracoorte hockey players dominate on turf

LOCAL HOCKEY: There was plenty of fast-paced action on display during the Brolgas v Dartmoor games held in Edenhope over the weekend.
LOCAL HOCKEY: There was plenty of fast-paced action on display during the Brolgas v Dartmoor games held in Edenhope over the weekend.

Hockey Opens

After a week off due to the Country Championships and zone held in Adelaide, local hockey resumed with the teams heading over to the turf at Edenhope.


Brolgas 5 def Dartmoor 0

Goals: (B) Buzz Brennan 3, Hunter Adams, Jaali Brennan. Bests: (B) Buzz Brennan, Christian Wait, Mason White, (D) Ali Hussaini, Natasha Moore, Jen Ellis.

Dartmoor had a full team plus subs for the first time this season and were excited to face West Wimmera Brolgas on their home turf. Dartmoor’s strong defenders Tori Cuming, Jen Ellis, Crystal Slape and Marjan Hussaini and Natasha Moore in goals made Brolgas work hard for every foray into attack. A score of 1-0 to Brolgas was a true reflection of the game up to half time. Brolgas increased their attack and were more successful in the second half increasing their lead by another 4 goals. The final score was 5-0.


Greenbottles 1 def Redlegs 0. Goals: (G) Alexander Waters. Bests: (G) Sophie Waters, Tillie Derrington, Hannah Yates, (R) Alex Ogilvie, Jasmine Wilby, Abbey Gerritsen.


Brolgas 0 drew Dartmoor 0. Bests: (B) Brigitta White, Phoebe Clutterbuck, Brittany Keam (D) Angela McLean, Christine Foale, Brandy Lea Cuming.

In cold conditions, Dartmoor and Brolgas were both short of players and played a friendly, slow paced game. Play was relatively even with both teams coming close but unable to convert.

Greenbottles 1 def Redlegs 0. Goals: (G) Mia James. Best: (G) Margot Vilde, Adele Carruthers Murray, Kristy Boord, (R) Chelsea Meulders, Jorja Doecke, Emily Poulton.


Brolgas 5 def Dartmoor 1. Goals: (B) Darren 2, Tim Jorgenson, Stephen Chaston, Nathan Jorgenson, (D) Chris Whitehead. Best: (B) James Klinge, Darren, Nathan Jorgenson, (D) John Sadler, Zac Cattermole, Ben Thompson.

Dartmoor came out fighting with an early goal from Chris Whitehead, Brolgas answered quickly with three before half time. Time was held when a Dartmoor player was hit above the eye by the ball for an unscheduled trip to hospital. In the second half Dartmoor was down to 10 players while another head wound was patched up. Brolgas continued to dominate and convert with a final result of 5-1.

Greenbottles 6 def Redlegs 0. Goals: (G) Daniel Kerr 2, Gavin Boord, Derek James, Sam Schinckel, Matthew Bunnik. Best: (G) Daniel Ker, Gavin Boord, Derek James, (R) Troy Harris, Jacob Edwards, Jay Chae.


Round eight is in Naracoorte, Redlegs v Dartmoor, K/L Rangers v Brolgas, U16 Murdoch v Gale, Davidson v Boord. Write Up duties U9 Mini Hockey Dartmoor, Club – Brolgas, U16 Murdoch.