London Grammar – worth waiting for

London Grammar, a musical band from England, released their first album, Metal and Dust in 2013 and I learnt about them through the BBC television series Our Girl during the following year.

I got to know that album very well. I sang along with it to and from work for many days. I began to yearn for another album. However, could another ever be as good as the first? What if it was a disappointment?

In the meantime, my eldest son had attended a couple of their concerts and was a committed fan. It is very special to enjoy this music commonalty with a son.

(Just quietly, the editor of this newspaper is also a fan of this band, but I didn’t tell you that).

Because I have signed up to their website, I began to receive emails earlier this year that told of a new album to be released in June.

Four songs from this album have been drip fed to the likes of me over recent months. I wasn’t disappointed by them. New songs and Hannah’s strong pure voice rang out from the speakers attached to my laptop.

A couple of weeks ago, I subconsciously began counting down the days to when I could listen to the whole album, and then listen again.

June 9th arrived. I awoke to a text from my son reminding me that this was the big release day and that they were touring here in September.

In the intermediary months, my other son had signed me up to Spotify and showed me how to locate specific music and then similar artists.

There was an explosion of new music just beyond the wall of my limited ICT knowledge. I would be able to access the album as soon as it was released.

I checked on Spotify – no new album. I checked again in the evening – nothing.

The next morning, there was an email from the band. Their new album was now available. I had been tricked by the time difference between here and the UK.

My son and I spent the Queen’s Birthday weekend listening to the new album repeatedly.

‘The Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ is musically tight, rhythmic and pure delight for the ears and soul. Some of the lyrics are, as my son so aptly described, ‘a bit soppy’ but the music and its arrangement hold Hannah’s distinctive and elegant voice beautifully.

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