Teys Australia make well-being and fitness a priority

Local Teys Australia employees took advantage of a free training session at the Naracoorte Health and Fitness Centre on Friday last week to help prevent work-related injuries.

With many daily tasks being labour-intensive at the meatworks, Teys Australia partnered with local sports physiotherapist Angela Willsmore from Good Country Physiotherapy to train employees with various exercises relevant to their roles.

Angela has been treating Teys employees’ injuries on site via Teys early intervention clinic for several years and believes the gym sessions are a great idea.

“Working out at the gym will help with injury prevention to avoid injury intervention in the future,” she explained.

“Through these sessions we are able to demonstrate how to use the equipment correctly, target exercises specific to their needs and provide vital education around using the correct form, repetitions and weights.”

Teys Australia HR officer Sarah McWaters said the free training experience was available for all employees, but mainly directed at people in the most physically demanding roles such as slicers, slaughtermen and meat boners.

“Employees were welcome to sign up to the gym and Brett Gould of the Naracoorte Health and Fitness Centre offered an extra free one on one session to anyone who signed up on the day,” she said.

“The results from this training session will be seen through the clinic, with the hope that the employees who attended will be less likely to be treated on site.

“The idea of these sessions is to help employees avoid injuries related to physical strength and promote their own health and well-being.”

Sarah said it was fantastic to see the first gym session well-attended, with around 30 employees taking advantage of the initiative.