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EXPERTS: Naracoorte Refrigeration owners and technicians James Motteram (left) and  Matthew Hutchens. Photo: Matthew Fleischer.
EXPERTS: Naracoorte Refrigeration owners and technicians James Motteram (left) and Matthew Hutchens. Photo: Matthew Fleischer.

Despite being a newly established business, Naracoorte Refrigeration has a wealth of knowledge from two technicians to support it. 

The service was only formed in July but has already taken on many important duties and jobs locally.

Naracoorte Refrigeration specialises in domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning. 

Part owner and technician James Motteram felt it was only a matter of time until he got his own business up and running.

“After doing the trade for this amount of time and being the age we are, it was a natural progression into our own company,” he said.

James was born in Naracoorte but spent his childhood in Lucindale and has been applying his trade in the area for the past 12 years.

He believes being accessible and having a smaller team will benefit their customers.

“You’re always dealing with one of us so it’s always bit of a personal experience,” James said.

Business partner and technician Matthew Hutchens explained they been able to form a strong working relationship that they believe will see their business thrive.

“We’ve worked together in the past at a previous company so we got know each other on a personal level," Matthew said.

He moved to Naracoorte four years ago from Victor Harbor for work and was involved in kickstarting the new business.

The two specialise in different areas of the trade, which James believes will help serve their growing customer base well.

“We come from different areas in the field so we complement each other fairly well,” he said.

James prefers the larger scale refrigeration jobs while Mathew is highly competent in air-conditioning and domestic systems work.

On the job, tasks can range from fluid chillers and cool rooms at supermarket to standard household air-conditioning.

Offering a 24-hour, seven days week on call service is their way of providing extra support for business and the community.

“It’s a service that we have to offer to the customer because their stuff can break down any time of the day,” Matthew said.  

“It’s definitely important to provide that service at a reasonable cost,” James added.

Naracoorte Refrigeration has recently teamed up with Panasonic to supply its range of air-conditioners.

The pair reassured local suppliers the deal will not stop them from sourcing goods from the area in the future.

“Not everything can come locally but we always put a preference on sourcing local when we can,” Mathew said.

To book a job, contact James on 0417 642 020 or Matthew on 0400 127 376. 

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