Rohan Madan secures Sharp Airlines cadetship

Flying high: Naracoorte's Rohan Madan has earned a coveted pilot cadetship. Photo: Hamilton College.

Flying high: Naracoorte's Rohan Madan has earned a coveted pilot cadetship. Photo: Hamilton College.

Rohan Madan’s dream of one day becoming a pilot is now taking off after he secured a cadetship with Sharp Airlines. 

The Year 12 student at Hamilton and Alexandra College will fly straight into the 18-month training program followed by a nine month contract as a first officer after he completes his secondary studies.

Rohan said it was an “amazing” feeling to earn a place in the program with one of Australia’s longest running cadetship programs. 

“It’s what I’ve wanted to do for a long time and this is a step towards that,” he said. “That was one of the main avenues and it will set me up for the next few years.”

He was contacted by Sharp Airlines just two weeks ago and will now look forward to starting his journey in the new year.

Rohan was only a young child when he was “hooked” to the profession after hearing stories told by his grandfather who served in the Indian airforce before becoming a commercial pilot. 

“Talking to him as a young child got me interested, after that I was hooked and always wanted to be a pilot,” he said.

The Naracoorte local who travels back and forth to Hamilton for his schooling, has been very active in his high school years, completing the silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

In 2015, Rohan also obtained his restricted recreational pilot’s licence which ultimately improved his chances of successfully passing the program's selection phase.

“That set me up to join the program and my other leadership roles (at school) helped with the outcome,” Rohan said. 

Applicants were taken on a tour of the Moorabbin Flying Service facility in Melbourne which will be the main base for the cadetship. 

Having been taken through the site, Rohan said: “I’m looking forward to learning everything about aviation, getting a pilot’s licence and taking that into a job.”

The cadetship will include plenty of hands-on training as well as other important aspects of becoming a fully licensed pilot. 

Even though he is still raw, Rohan has his sights on a long career and hopes to one day to be flying some of the world’s biggest planes.

“Hopefully in the next 10-15 years, I will be at a major airline in Australia or overseas flying large aircrafts."