Naracoorte: 'Mini tornado' causes significant damage | PHOTOS/VIDEO

A "mini tornado" has caused significant damage on Naracoorte's northern outskirts.

The weather incident early on Thursday morning brought down many trees and damaged infrastructure at Naracoorte Golf Club and also squashed and ripped apart silos on neighbouring properties.

Golf club spokesperson Jane Allen said she heard the “roar” of the storm from her home some time after 5am this morning. When members and staff arrived at the golf club this morning, they were faced with a big clean-up effort.

Many trees were stripped or brought down, flagsticks were snapped, greens were damaged and the stone gates to the club were moved by the storm.

Nearby, several silos sustained major damage with debris spread over a wide area.

The weather event appears to have been localised as the Bureau of Meteorology’s base at Naracoorte Aerodrome reported no unusual wind gusts in the early hours of this morning.