Robe men hook unreel sized tuna

Robe fishing enthusiasts Alan Hall, Jamie Rodgers and Anthony Meehan hooked a massive 118kg tuna on recent fishing trip to Port MacDonnell. 

Anthony organised the Extreme Marine charter boat, captained by Jamie Widdison.

“We went out at seven and it took us just over an hour to get past the continental shelf to the the area where you can start fishing,” Alan said.

“Initially we were driving around for about three hours with the lines in the water, not much was hooking, no hits but there was a lot of wildlife, whales, dolphins and birds diving into the water.

“Suddenly we had a hit, the wheel started to go crazy, everybody is pulling in their other lines, we had about six lines on the go at one time.

“Between Anthony, Jamie and myself we pulled in the southern blue fin tuna which took about 50 minutes.

“It was quite a quite a decent size,” admitted Jamie or as one man on the day said “its a f***ing monster”.

Anthony said: “It was a once in a lifetime sort of thing to be able to catch something like that. It doesn’t always happen.

“Sometimes the tuna can be hooked but will manage to get off the line.

“The dangerous point is pulling the tuna into the boat due to the size. Jamie was reeling in this six foot tall, 118 kilograms of pure tuna power. Trying to get the fish onto the boat is a technique in itself, you need use the gaff hooks, the tuna is going crazy, the size of it was unreal.”

That was the group’s only catch for the day, but they said it was a fantastic buzz.