Letters to the editor – September 7

History: The photograph of female footballers at Lucindale, for which Hazel Baker is seeking more information.
History: The photograph of female footballers at Lucindale, for which Hazel Baker is seeking more information.

Female footy pioneers

Women's football has seen a rapid rise in popularity recently, but was a local town well ahead of its time?

Hazel Baker is calling for information surrounding a photo of a Lucindale’s women’s AFL team from 1943, which begs the question – is female footy much older than we realise?

Hazel was given the photo of the 16 women and two men by her mother-in-law, Jean Baker, who was one of the players, in 1999.

“She told us she used to enjoy going into Lucindale and playing footy,” Hazel said.

Unfortunately, Jean passed away four years later, at the age of 96, so a lot of the details surrounding the photo have been lost.

“All of the (players) in the photo would have to be gone,” Hazel said. “I’m not sure how they played, or against who, or how regularly.”

Hazel believes the women’s football games may have been a regular event, but she’d like to find out more.

After rediscovering the photo during her move from her farm to Naracoorte, she’s calling out for locals to help fill in the blanks.

“(The photo) is likely to have some local identities – the Legoes, or the Watsons, or the Coppings,” Hazel said.

“Someone might be able to recognise some of the ladies. We’d love to put names to the people in the photograph.”

Hazel said once she uncovers the unique story of the photo she would like to donate it to the Lucindale Football Club. Anyone with information can call Hazel on 0428 623 364.

Mining misinformation

It is disappointing to see that Haselgrove 3 is being prepared. Beach Energy Ltd has stated that Haselgrove 3 is a conventional well.

There is enough evidence of past problems with conventional gas in the SE to show why our prime food bowl needs protection from any mining and petroleum activities. Many of us share concerns regarding impacts of conventional gas and of what may happen if there is lack of conventional gas, but currently there is no mention of fracking for this well.

For a campaign to be successful, it is important that correct and credible information is used. Once incorrect and non-credible stories are made public, the campaign loses its integrity, and the industry will rub their hands with glee.   

This is frustrating, given the thousands of unpaid hours people like Debbie Nulty, Heather Heggie, some others and I have put into the campaign to protect our food bowl over many years.

Unfortunately there have been stories put out by a small number of SE individuals and an interstate organisation, including giving the impression that conventional and offshore gas is fine, when clearly basic geology and basic drilling understanding has not been grasped.

Clearly, the ‘fracking’ word has been thrown around very loosely, when that is only one small part of the drilling processes and problems.

Unfortunately, another false story has been given to the press. The person responsible stated the following: “Beach Energy and the State government have been at pains to describe Haselgrove 3 as a conventional well, which will not be fracked,” she said. “The Department of State Development has more recently described it as an exploratory well which is looking for shale and tight gas. It is not a production well as it was presented previously.”

The second paragraph statement is incorrect. I contacted the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Energy and Resources Division to check.

DPC have stated as recently as August 21, 2017, that the targets for Haselgrove 3 in PPL 62 are conventional sandstone reservoirs. This remains unchanged. I ask anyone writing letters or media releases to check their facts first, as we cannot afford to have the campaign discredited.

ANNE DAW, Kingston.