Ali Villani’s encouraging self-love

Former Naracoorte resident Ali Villani has written a children’s book with an all-important message.

Mrs Villani wrote ‘Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn’ based on her own personal story of discovering herself and aims to shares the message with young people that “it’s ok to be you.”

“I’ve seen first-hand what its like to not be living in my authentic truth and also being invested in the good opinion of others,” Mrs Villani said.

“I had suppressed myself and my own creativity for a very long time – it’s been hard work, but I’m so glad to be living on purpose and activating my own shiny, sparkly unicorn.”

Mrs Villani took control of her life and created Entrepreneurial Babes in 2016, a transformational coaching business and online community for entrepreneurial women.

“We have built an online community called ‘The Action Hours’, which is a group of amazing women who have a desire to step up, claim the space and be the best versions of themselves,” she said.

Mrs Villani would often wear her pink tutu to the sessions to remind herself what it was like to be “a young girl with dreams”.

Women from the group started calling her ‘Ali the shiny sparkly unicorn’ and would send her unicorn-themed gifts in the mail.

In March this year Mrs Villani coined the idea for her second book, produced in partnership with her Entrepreneurial Babes business partner, Nic Cunningham.

The 39-year-old said Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn will provide parents, carers and teachers with an engaging tool to share the message that “it’s ok to be yourself”.

“It’s a really important message, (Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn) is a children’s character they can relate to that says it’s ok to be yourself, and she’s relevant to what little people are facing in today’s society,” she said.

Mrs Villani and Ms Cunningham have plans to expand on Ali the unicorn’s message through affirmation cards for children, plush toys, and children’s meditation and mindfulness tools.

They have established a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of the book – the campaign aims to raise $12,000 by September 30.

For more details, or to pledge, head to