You know you’re from South Australia when...

You loved the Naracoorte Herald’s two special lists from 2016:

Now, from Brand SA’s “Inside South Australia Weekly Wrap” comes this definitive guide of 22 signs you’re from South Australia.

Most of them relate to living in Adelaide, but they’re pretty good all the same:

1. You identify power line poles as “Stobie poles”.

2. Investigator Science Centre was the best. school. excursion. ever.

3. When it comes to food, you order a “yiros” (and not a kebab or a souvlaki). At home, it’s all about the “fritz” and sauce sandwich.

4. Their official name might be The Spheres, but you know them by their colloquial name: the mall’s balls.

5. You probably just learned that the mall’s balls have an official name.

6. You occasionally wonder why you don’t visit Mount Lofty more often. It’s gorgeous.

7. You ran up and down the Rundle Mall escalators for no good reason.

8. You’re still not quite sure how you’ve ever crossed the Britannia roundabout successfully.

9. Your family is bitterly divided along Power/Crows lines.

10. When someone says ‘Popeye’, you don’t think of the cartoon. You think of the floating transport system.

11. It may “officially” be called The Beach House – but emotionally, you’ll always think of it as Magic Mountain.

12. You started reading this list for one reason: Dazzleland.

13. Whenever you say “plant” interstate, people ask if you’re English.

14. You learned how to toboggan at Mt Thebarton.

15. You’ve burned your legs on a slide at Greenhill Adventure Park or Puzzle Park.

16. Big things you’ve witnessed include: an orange, a lobster, a rocking horse and a koala.

17. Free iced coffee from a Black Thunder? You’ve had a few.

18. You took your radio to Bonython Park for the SAFM Skyshow.

19. You’ve complained about the Clipsal traffic at least once. Each year.

20. The volcano at the West End Brewery Christmas display slightly freaked you out as a kid. You’re okay with the Lobethal lights though.

21. You know that the correct time to put your Christmas tree up is Christmas Pageant day.

22. You’ve ridden on a red hen.