Naracoorte Uniting Church's fresh new look

Tech: Tania Garrod shows off the Naracoorte Uniting Church's new smart phone app.

Tech: Tania Garrod shows off the Naracoorte Uniting Church's new smart phone app.

Naracoorte Uniting Church is paving the way for worshipping in the South East, becoming the first to launch a smart phone app.

The church’s office and website administrator Tania Garrod said the congregation decided its website, established in 2009, needed a makeover and sought out a former local to help rebrand the organisation, including a new logo, upgrades to the website and the introduction of a new app.

“In today’s society technology changes so fast… everyone uses their mobile devices to look up anything,” Tania said.

“(The app) gives us the ability to communicate outside of Sunday – it’s an exciting time for us.

“We’re the first church in the South East area, as far as I know, to launch an app.”

The app is available to Apple and Android devices and includes events and notices for what’s going inside and outside of the church, Naracoorte UC’s vision, mission and information on church council.

Tania said since its launch last week the app has had more than 20 people log in, adding she hopes it will encourage younger people to be part of the church and its “wider community.”

“We have a larger representation of older people, but the congregation wants to engage with the younger generation, so (the app) is a way to engage,” she said.

“So far it’s been really’s been really good to see members of the congregation using it in such a short period of time.”

The new Naracoorte UC logo incorporates a red cross used as the T in Naracoorte and Uniting, and Tania said it’s a much better fit for the church.

“It represents the gospel in Naracoorte and the Uniting’s a new logo that speaks to us,” she said.