Naracoorte Calisthenics Club enjoys successful year

Naracoorte Calisthenics Club has completed a very successful competition season. 

The first competition, held in July, saw the teams travel to the Mount Gambier Eisteddfods to compete against teams from Mount Gambier, Warrnambool, Portland, Happy Valley and Murray Bridge. For some girls this was their first experience at competitions.

The competitions saw all teams have success in a variety of areas, along with soloists gaining some places with their graceful and Calisthenics solo routines. 

Results for Mount Gambier:

Sub Juniors – March 2nd, Clubs 3rd, Rods 3rd, Aesthetic HM. 

Juniors – March HM, Clubs HC, Rods HC, Exercises HM, Dance HM. 

Inters – March 2nd, Clubs 3rd, Rods 2nd, Exercises HM, Aesthetic HM, and Dance 3rd.

Solos - Mia Grady -HC (Cali Solo), Tanah Pearce- 3rd (Cali Solo), Elise Barker – HC (Cali Solo). 

With the experience from the first competition, the teams travelled to Warrnambool at the start of August for their second competition. Here they would compete with teams from Warrnambool, Loch Ard, Portland, Mount Gambier, Swan Hill and Sabelle. All teams showed improvement and had a great weekend away.

Warrnambool results:

Sub Juniors – March 3rd Clubs 1st, Exercises HM, Rods 1st,  Aesthetic HC, Dance HC (3rd place overall). 

Juniors – Exercises HM, Aesthetic HC, Dance HC.

Inters – March 2nd, Clubs 1st , Exercises 2nd, Rods 1st, Aesthetic 2nd, and Dance 3rd (2nd place overall). 

Solos - Mia Grady - HM (Cali Solo), Emily Eastwood - HM (Cali Solo), Elise Barker – HC (Cali Solo), Mahalia Grigg – HC (Graceful), Tanah Pearce - 2nd (Graceful), and 2nd (Cali Solo).

The final competition for the year was in Horsham in late August, which saw the girls compete against teams from Swan Hill, Sabelle, Portland, Mildura, Warrnambool, Mount Gambier, Loch Ard and Horsham.

All teams did very well with more teams to compete against, and were awarded several placings. The really exciting result from this competition was the Inters team which won the Aggregate for their division.

They came 1st in their March, Clubs, Exercise , Rods and Dance routines and 3rd in Aesthetics . 

Other results from Horsham included: 

Sub Juniors – 3rd placings in all their routines (3rd place overall).

Juniors – Clubs 3rd, Aesthetic - HC, and Dance - HM.

Solo – Mia Grady – HM (Cali Solo), Elise Barker - HC (Cali Solo), Emily Eastwood -HM (Graceful) , Mahalia Grigg – 3rd (Graceful) , Tanah Pearce - HC (Cali Solo).

The coaches are very pleased and proud of all the girls for their achievements, and for doing so well in representing Naracoorte in both team and individual events.

The club is pleased with results for the competition year, and has seen a growth in confidence and abilities from all involved with each experience.

All teams are continuing to practice along with the Tinies and Sub Junior Recreational girls. They are learning a new Christmas routine and will perform this, along with all other finished routines, at the end of year concert. This is to be held on Sunday November 5th,  in the Naracoorte Town Hall. Come and see what calisthenics is all about and what has been achieved through the year.