Teams compete in Apsley Alive ambrose

Contestants arrived at the Apsley Golf course with the aroma of steaks cooking courtesy of Teys Australia, wines from Rymill were available for sampling, trophies a plenty.

The day was blessed with some very good weather. A gleaming yellow Ford Mustang and a Ford Ranger 4x4 were on display also.

The day set up to replicate the very successful “Twococks” day run at Naracoorte Golf Club.

Thanks to the generous support of many sponsors, through the Apsley Alive weekend there were two divisions which came about at the midpoint of the handicaps within the field. For this event that was 11 handicap.

Teams had the opportunity to “buy” a drive on the eigth hole for $10, with a ball hit by “Boof” Jude at a distance that would guarantee a birdie if taken and they could then allocate this to any player.

Also on the 17th hole, teams could “buy” another drive this time replicating a hit by Bruce Mueller, only 45cm from the hole, another certain birdie if taken.

So with these two opportunities the scoring was excellent.

The first team entered was also the first team score wise, with Mark Pilgrim, Brayden Pilgrim, Carmel Pilgrim and James “Shrek” Stevens winning Division one with a score of 63, 10.75 handicap and a nett score of 52.25.

The runners up were Helen Cother, Chris Cother, Jill Jacob and Lachie Jacob with a score of 65, 9.75 handicap and a net of 55.25.

Division two winners, representing the major sponsor South East Motor Company were Terry Paech, Pete Winter, Brian Sherlock and Chris Honner.

There score was 68, 11 3/8 handicap and a net score of 56 5/8.

The runners up were Barrie Moyle, Ray Wilson, Craig Walton and Brett Gould with a score of 73, 12 1/5 handicap and a net of 60.50.

The ladies longest drive was won by Jill Jacob and Terry Paech won the men’s, the straightest drive was won by Tammy Hocking for the ladies and Mark Pilgrim for the men.

Nearest the pins were won by Sheryl Kinnane on the third hole for women and Brett Gould for men.

On the sixth, Leanne Dolling was successful for women and Barry Turnbull for men, whilst on the eleventh Helen Cother was successful for the women.

Barrie Moyle was successful for the men and on the seventeenth and Bob Davies was best of the men and Di McInnes for the women.

Brett Cookson of the Horsham Golf Club pro shop donated four rounds of golf and the use of two carts won by the team of Liz Mulraney, Di Carberry, Sheryl Kinnane and Tammy Hocking.

Rymill donated a bottle of wine each to a lucky team of Darren Young, Barry Turnbull, Graham Pilgrim and Tim Shortt.

All in all the day was very successful and those that attended have already penciled in the first Friday in October ready for next year’s event.