Camel rides in Robe this summer

Robe District Council has agreed to allow camel rides to take place on a unmade road just outside of Robe. 

At the Tuesday night council meeting a permit was granted to the business ‘Humpalicious Camel Milk’ to conduct camel rides over summer. 

Another option that has been in discussion was camel rides along the beach, however the owners will monitor the influx of visitors over the summer season to see if this is a viable option.  

The operators have extensive camel experience including:

  • Worked closely with the Anangu Pitjantjatjarra of the central desert (SA) since the 1980s on developing camel industry and mustering operations which continue today.
  • Worked closely with Australian camel expert Paddy McHugh in APY development and operations.
  • Supplying wild camels for the domestic meat and tourism sectors.
  • Supplying broken in and haltered camels to the domestic market including private ownership and zoos/wildlife parks.
  • Led up to 3 month extended adventure camel treks throughout the Simpson Desert and Flinders Ranges for Rex Ellis' Outback Camel Safaris. Included school groups and seasonal tourists.
  • Operated summer camel ride experience at American River on Kangaroo Island for Rex Ellis.
  • Created and developed South Australia's first camel milk company which has since earned an international reputation and brand name, which will re-establish operations in Robe.

Humpalicious owners TJ and Warwick Hill spoke at the council meeting to explain the camel riding business.

“We brought Humpalicious to Robe for several reasons,” TJ said.

“We wanted to live in a place we liked but also for the tourism opportunities and the clean and green image.

“In terms of the rides we would love to get permission to do beach rides throughout the summer.

“There are some issues which we have been working through with council and DPTI. One is crossing the highway however we worked out a way to cross very quickly from our public road into the bush and there is a bush track down to the beach.

“We want to monitor the crowd that are on the beach and the traffic on the highway in summer this year, although beach rides are our ultimate desire.

“We have an option b – we have an access off Southern Ports Highway which is a limestone public road that ends at our gate, after the limestone ends it is a grass track which goes between the farms that are there.

“What we would like to do this year is to conduct camel rides on that grass track, that way we can conduct the camel rides this summer and get a feel for what happens on the beach and on the highway.” 

Deputy CEO Nick Brown said: “That grass track is an unmade road so council would still need to give permission to conduct business activities on the (unmade) road.”

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