Colourful nod to Lucindale’s volunteers

Lucindale Area School arts teacher JoJo Spook has once again left her mark on the town, with the help of some dedicated young people.

JoJo has acknowledged the tireless efforts of Lucindale’s large number of volunteers in her latest youth project by painting the stobie poles in the main street.

“I feel Lucindale has an incredible amount of volunteers and so many service clubs,” she said.

“This community really sticks together, which is really amazing.”

The well-known Limestone Coast region artist has enlisted the help of a small group of local youths who conducted surveys around town to find out how residents would like them decorated.

“We’ve tried not to put logos and fill it up with lots of text, so we’ve simplified it with symbols people can easily identify,” JoJo said.

“We’ve got the ambos, the Red Cross, Neighbourhood Watch, SES, service clubs and sporting stuff because we have a big sporting community...and of course, agriculture.

“We also have positive words in a word finder, which has been confusing people – they can’t figure out what it is.”

This isn’t the first time JoJo has done something like this, she’s worked on various youth projects during school holidays of her eight years of teaching.

She had a hand in projects surrounding the skate park, the water tanks and the entrance to the school.

“It gives them some ownership of the town… and it’s something different and creative,” JoJo said.

The project was funded by the Naracoorte Lucindale Council and LINC, and while the group was forced to suspend painting due to bad weather on Wednesday JoJo said she expects to be finished by the end of the week.