Bradley Wagner earns high martial arts honour

Local martial arts master Brad Wagner was been appointed the branch chief of the newly formed AKKA SA.

It is a prestigious position which will see Mr Wagner attend world cups to represent the branch in the future, and oversee all AKKA SA Dojos currently located in the Lower South East of South Australia.

Mr Wagner was nominated for the position by the president and vice-president of Iko Matsushima, and his position was confirmed after approval was sought in Japan. 

Three weeks ago Mr Wagner - who holds the title of Sensei - was appointed Sandan, third dan black, during an intense grading session in Sydney. 

Lauren Farrell, who is a Semapi, earned a Shodan, first dan black. 

Ms Farrell is soon to be competing in Japan and China.

Peter Anderson, who is also a Semapi, achieved Nidan, second dan black.

Bryce Thornhill achieved second Kyu – a brown belt – at the young age of 11.

Mr Wagner said martial arts was a positive, life-changing activity which had a strong following in the local area.

“It completely changed my lifestyle,” Mr Wagner said of karate, which he has been practising for 15 years. “I needed a different path, and I just fell in love with it.”

Karate training takes place at the Naracoorte/Lucindale Martial Arts Academy, 11 Kingston Avenue, Naracoorte. The number to call is 0457 072 883.