Bout of chaos for government | COLUMN

Chaos, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as complete disorder and confusion. Now, I think it would be a fair description to apply to the governance of Yemen or Somalia currently. I’m not sure what the levels of reduced chaos are but I believe the governance of Australia federally is experiencing one significant bout of it.

The dual citizenship issue along with the resistance to taking any responsibility for what is happening to refugees on Manus Island and the same sex marriage challenge are coalescing into an unruly situation. Amid all of this, governing of the country has stalled.

Despite how many times politicians of the Christopher Pyne ilk state that ‘they are getting on with the business of running the country,’ it is not true.

The same sex marriage issue should have been decided in Parliament months ago and we could now be looking and debating the plethora of other issues requiring attention.

The Manus Island cruelty should have been ended long before the growing horror which now exists stains the integrity of us all.

By the time you read this, the outcome of the postal survey will have been announced. Whatever the result, my bet is that the politicking will be far from over.

When Malcom Turnbull took the leadership of the Liberal Party, he promised to act decisively. However, for the past two years he’s been unable to seal any authority on his government. His decision to challenge and depose Abbott has impinged upon everything he has tried to do to lead the Coalition forward on anything.

The conservative forces in the Liberal Party stymie every possible policy implementation with the full encouragement of the deposed leader. The power plays appear to be more important to these individuals than the business of providing good government.

Liberals are tearing each other apart over same sex marriage, energy policy and climate change. In the wake of these bitter ‘friendly’ fire style arguments, time passes and these issues gain ever pressing impact without decisive policy, initiative or action.

If the current far right members of the Liberal Party want to stamp their values, perhaps they should split and form a Conservative Party because they certainly aren’t voicing liberalism. An internecine imbroglio is a violently confused or bitterly complicated altercation within a family or state. I think I can aptly apply this term to our current governance.