Speed clocked: 154km/h at Struan

A man will face court after being caught speeding by Limestone Coast police this afternoon.

About 12.45pm, Sunday December 3, police were conducting speed detection duties on the Riddoch Highway near Struan when they clocked a car allegedly travelling at 154km/h in a 110km/h zone.

Police stopped the car and spoke to the 28-year-old driver, a man from Struan. Checks revealed that he also had a disqualified driver’s licence.

The man was reported for speeding and driving disqualified and his car impounded for 28 days. He will face court at a later date.

Sergeant Watts from the Limestone Coast Highway Patrol Team said: “The actions of this driver and the increased risk he placed on all road users by speeding is unacceptable.”

And he reminds people driving through the Limestone Coast LSA that: “Police will continue to deploy resources throughout the Christmas period in an effort to detect dangerous road users and prevent serious injury and fatality crashes.”