Brad Crouch visits Naracoorte Toyota

Crows AFL star Brad Crouch has come back to Naracoorte to visit Toyota and help promote its latest sale. 

Despite starting training for the 2018 season this week, Crouch – who is the Naracoorte Toyota ambassador – made the time to visit the Toyota team in Naracoorte and spend time with students from Naracoorte Primary School. 

“I’ve been to Naracoorte a couple of times now and actually really enjoy it,” Crouch said. 

“I’ve grown up around country towns so it’s great to come back after being in the city, it’s just refreshing to come down and see places and things I haven’t seen before.” 

Crouch explained that his favourite things to do in town were to visit the locals and see the scenery.

Crouch is enjoying his role as ambassador for the local dealership, which provides him with a complimentary vehicle as part of the arrangement.

“I had a ute even before this one, and i just love them especially in the country,” he said. “When you play a bit of golf it makes it so much easier to just throw the sticks in the back.”

Naracoorte Toyota dealer principal Malcolm Collins said: “It’s great to have Brad on board and since we have advertised the fact Brad’s been on board a lot of people have commented on it.

"Hopefully we can get Brad back for more promotions in the future.”