Naracoorte ukulele group is back in action.

Naracoorte’s Ukulele Club is back in action for 2018, and has more members than ever.

After being established last year in May, Naracoorte’s ukulele lovers are continuing with their new hobby. 

All beginners, the 15 members are ready to learn more and more songs and cords after kicking off their first 2018 session last week. 

Originally with about 10 members, Margaret Ludwig put up a notice on Facebook, explaining that new members are always welcome.

“Once I put it on Facebook, we got around seven new people attend the next week. Five of those seven have come back,” Ms Ludwig said.

The group learn new and familiar songs, ranging from Goodnight Irene to Squeeze Box all the way to lullabies and Happy Birthday.

“It’s a growing thing, and the songs we choose are about what people are comfortable with and what people like,” Ms Ludwig said. “It’s just a great, fun night.” 

Ukuleles are cheap to buy, ranging from roughly $25-30 for beginners. 

“They’re cheap, little to carry around and you can just sit in front of your television and practice the cords without making sound,” said Ms Ludwig.

Naracoorte’s Ukulele Club also attends state-wide events, including Adelaide’s much anticipated Ukulele Picnic. 

“We went last year, and each group gets to play three songs each, it is such a wonderful day and we will be doing it again this year for anyone who is interested,” Ms Ludwig said.

The club is also looking at doing more events locally such as performing at the Naracoorte Show after they missed out last year due to lack of members. 

The group reads tab rather than music, making it easier for those involved to learn the appropriate cords and develop their skill set.

Members are also of all ages, with the youngest being in high school and the eldest being in their 70s. 

“It's really relaxing to be playing music and singing, you forget about all your stresses so we encourage anyone who is interested to come try it out,” Ms Ludwig said. 

The group meets every Thursday from 7-9pm at the breakfast room at the Naracoorte Hotel. 

Ms Ludwig encourages anyone interested to contact her on 0407 608 079 or just come along and try it out on the night.