Sausage King wins again

Naracoorte’s Tender Cuts butchers have done it again after taking home the AMIC National Sausage King Competition with the Gourmet Butcher Burger award. 

Owners Sophie and Shaun Watson are thrilled with their new achievement, as they now have the Gourmet Butcher Burger Award alongside their 2015 Sausage King win. 

Tender Cuts earned their title after they presented their Thai Chicken and Shredded Coconut gourmet burger to the judges over the weekend, resulting in their first burger award so far. 

The butchery has been entering the National Sausage King Competitions for the past 10-12 years, and never fail to impress. 

“We won the nice big trophy that’s now sitting in our window, as well as the title and bragging rights really,” Mr Watson said. 

“We are pretty happy about it.” 

After buying the store in 1996, Shaun and his family have been running it successfully with their creative and traditional award winning foods ever since. 

“I was an apprentice for three years, and when the place went up for sale, we just bought it and haven’t looked back,” Mr Watson said. 

“These sorts of awards and competitions keep you up and on top of your game. You meet a lot of new people who are also passionate about the industry and at the top of their game too.” 

Mr Watson said meeting other like-minded industry professionals was also great for inspiration on new and improved flavours. 

“You find inspiration for new flavours, without copying obviously,” Mr Watson said. 

“There are always fresh ideas from others but there is also the fact that it is all about suiting the clientele that we work with.” 

Mr Watson explained that new flavours, and gourmet meats keep the job interesting, for themselves as well as customers. 

“You have the traditional sausages, then you have those more on the creative side. The only thing is, some work and some don’t but at the end of the day that’s just all part of it.”

Their most popular dishes, the gourmet Thai chicken burger, their barbecue sausages and their lamb, feta and spinach sausages are a continuous hit throughout the year.

“The chicken burger has a little spice, and when we first created it I was worried the coconut on the outside would burn, but instead it just turns a nice golden brown,” said Mr Watson.

“But it’s great because these flavours allow our customers to get really creative with their meals, and what started off as a sausage or a burger can become a really impressive meal.”

Mr Watson said the shop's success wouldn’t be possible without their team, alongside the support from the local community.

“We really just have a great team here, which makes it so much easier and better, and we couldn’t do it without them.”