Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten celebrates Pancake Day

Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten has once again held a successful pancake day (Shrove Tuesday). 

A gold coin donation was given to raise funds for those less fortunate, with some parents putting in notes instead. 

Michelle DeGaris kindergarten holds pancake day every year, as part of its ongoing fundraising support for the local community. 

“We do hold it every year,” Michelle DeGaris director Geraldine Mathieson said. 

“It also raises the children’s profile about caring for other people and they make a donation which fundraises for people which are in need.” 

Pancake Day fundraising is just one of many events the local kindergarten holds throughout the year, as they continue to educate children and raise money for local communities. 

“We raise around $100 each year, and we usually round it up,” Ms Mathieson said. “So if we raise $125 we will round it up to $150 to make it a nice, neat number.” 

Pancake day has been held at the kindergarten for about 25 years, with Ms Mathieson being there from the beginning. 

“I’ve always been concerned about the housing issues in regional areas,” Ms Mathison said. “We thought it was a prime opportuniy and the kids love pancakes.” 

Alongside Pancake Day, Michelle DeGaris Kindergarten also raises funds for cancer research and the CFS.