Get in while it’s ‘Hott’! Hit comedy comes to Naracoorte!

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“The thing is, everybody has a story about real estate. Everyone. Whether they're renting, they're buying, or they have a mortgage and they're trying to get money off the bank,” said writer, director, and actor Matt Byrne of the hit comedy show he’s bringing to Naracoorte, Hott Property.

“Everyone is trying to find their own place, because Australians firmly believe that they have the right to own a house, and we hope in this country that this is the case.”

Hott Property will be performed at the Naracoorte Town Hall on April 21, with a supper and bar included. Byrne has promised big laughs, and critics seem to agree, with positive reviews from the Adelaide Theatre Guide, The Advertiser and Krystoff Raw.

Sending up the real estate business has proven to be a canny career move for Byrne – not that he’s ever been short of hit shows to his name. For the last 21 years he’s been bringing his satirical comedies to the stage, building up a cult following at the Adelaide Fringe.

Whether it’s doctors (Pricks), teachers (Chalkies), Wives-and-Girlfriends of sportsmen (WAGS), or bogans (well – Bogans), Byrne’s ability to send up distinct personalities is the secret to his enduring popularity at South Australia’s premiere arts festival.

And Byrne stresses that it’s not just Adelaide that should be entertained – after a phone call from Robert Bull suggesting a fundraising show for the Kybybolite Sports Club, Byrne was all to happy to bring his show to the South East.

”You know, I love the country. I was born in Gawler, I've always had a foot in the city and the country, a lot of my relatives are in the country, so I love country people.

“I've always tried to tour my shows to the country when we get an opportunity. We see this as a great chance for us to raise money for the club, but also put on a great show for the people of the area down here.

“So instead of having to drive all the way down to Adelaide, they can see one of the big Fringe hits right here in the Naracoorte Town Hall.”

Bull heard of Byrne when he brought his 2017 show The Love Boat to Mount Gambier, and Byrne expressed surprise when he was called up and asked to put on a show.

Because, many years ago Byrne had lived in Naracoorte, and had even supported the Kyby Tigers while he was here.

Whilst it is a show to benefit Kybybolite, Hott Property itself is for everyone, with many laughs coming from familiar scenarios and characters.

“You talk to anyone who's gone in and tried to buy a house, you will hear so many stories,” Byrne explained. 

“That most of the people that they dealt with were great, but there will always be that one real estate agent who's a little dodgy, who doesn't always do what they say they were going to do.”

There are four main characters in the play – Red Hott, Smokin’ Hott, Pipin’ Hott, and Pipin’s dodgy fiancee, Terry Trott. Terry believes that the Hotts are well off, but that’s not the case.

“Real estate agents like to talk big and sound impressive, but they have just a tough a job as anybody,” Byrne said.

Much of the comedy comes from the predicaments agents find themselves in, with sellers wanting properties to sell at the highest price, but buyers wanting the best deal possible.

The four actors in the play – Byrne, Theresa Dolman, Amber Platten, and Brad Butvila – not only portray the Hott/Trott family, but four outrageous couples clamouring for homes. 

There’s song, there’s dance, and even an interval. For $40, ticket holders get two hours of entertainment with dinner. A full bar will also be available for drink purchases.

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