Luke Kelson: My week of work experience

My name is Luke Kelson, I am currently in Year 10 at the Naracoorte High School.

I chose to do my work experience at the Naracoorte Herald as I was keen on writing articles and other stuff for the newspaper, but little did I know it was more than that, which was excellent.

My week consisted of going to Kingston, practicing how to take a proper photo, writing articles, interviewing people and going places to get information for the Naracoorte Herald.

What I enjoyed about doing work experience here was being one of the first to find out information on what’s going on around our town and seeing how you set the newspaper up with different formats.

Overall my time at the Naracoorte Herald was good, as I had fun doing the day-to-day things that they do, and working with a great friendly crew.

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