Beep for Sheep! Museum goes digital!

The Naracoorte High Year 10s who were working on a project to help iconic local institutions become better equipped for the digital world have finished their site for the Sheep’s Back Museum.

The Year 10s had been hard at work for months, and the near-complete design was revealed to museum volunteers on Wednesday April 11.

The finished site –  – can be accessed via PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

“We didn’t know it would take that much work, but we’re thankful for the opportunity that has been given to us,” Kyann Sanderson, one of the students, said.

Whilst there are still some parts under construction, the site still has many detailed features.

It can be translated into multiple languages, (which will benefit our many international visitors), and there’s even a virtual game, ‘Swatter’.

Other impressive features are a map that is interactive via phone, and a bookings page, in case visitors are peckish for some morning tea.

“It was a great opportunity to better our understanding on how to make a website,” Jamie Sincock, another student, said.

“And to be able to engage with the community is not something we get to do often – it’s good to feel like we made a contribution.”

The students did a fantastic job showing the volunteers all aspects of the site, and supervising teacher Tony Hill has given the museum a handbook.

At the end of the presentation the students and Mr Hill received a round of applause for their work, and joined the volunteers for some tea.