Inspired speeches at WAB Regional Gathering

At the WAB Regional Gathering at Padthaway on April 5, Padthaway president Beth Gale opened the event by welcoming state president Sandra Young, Limestone Coast coordinator Narelle Scott, members from other branches, guest speakers and guests. All guests received a gift bag on arrival, and they were well received.

The day’s events started with the national anthem, which was sung by Chloe Williams and accompanied by Pamela Walker. Chloe has performed at the Penola/Coonawarra Arts Festival, and the Limestone Coast Choral and Vocal Showcase in Mount Gambier. At Christmas she sings at Longridge Aged Care and Moreton Bay House. She was a delight to listen to.

Narelle Scott was the next speaker, explaining how she came to live in Keppoch, join the Padthaway WAB, become a councillor, and the many mountains she has had to climb on the way there.

The first guest speaker was Stephen Edwards and he followed the country of study (Argentina) and the theme, climbing mountains.  the trials to climb these mountains and when you get to the top the beauty has been worth the pain and hard work to get there. A group of friends with Stephen climbed the Western Arthur Range in Tasmania recently and he shared with us some of the trip through a movie presentation. I think many would be in agreement to take the easy way out and watch the DVD and start with a smaller hill!

Chloe Williams then sang Climb Every Mountain which was beautiful and appropriate.

President Beth Gale asked members of the audience if they had climbed these mountains before - some were Mount Arapiles, Mount Lofty, and she tried to trick them with Uluru! The audience were rewarded with chocolates and then the roll was called out and recorded.

The second guest speaker was Veronica Mayfield. She works for Country Health SA, and the South East Integrated Mental Health Services (open Mon-Fri, call (08) 87211507). Veronica also took on the theme from a mental health point of view, that there are many mountains to climb but there is help out there if you just ask, or someone asks for you. 

If you need help please seek advice or call 000 in an emergency, or 131465 24/7 Mental Health Emergency Assistance.

The raffle was drawn and first prize – a beautiful handbag crafted by Narelle Scott our of cork leather – went to Jessie Searle. Ramona Perry won second prize, and third prize went to Anne Hicks.

Beth Gale read the CWA grace, and then we had a lunch of chips, schnitzels and salad which our member caterer Els Heddle organised. Ian Day cooked the meat, and there were desserts. Thank you to the men for helping throughout the day.

State president Sandra Young then spoke of the 100 years of WAB celebrations in Riverton. Topics discussed include the weekend of guest speakers they had at Riverton, the planting of the WAB rose called “Spirit of Rural Women”, and the unveiling of the memorial chair and WAB interpretive sign, as Riverton was the first branch of WAB in 1917.

She then presented branch awards to Els Heddle (5 years), Margaret Hack (10 years), Janet Higgs (20 years), Trish Kernot (40 years) and lastly Ramona Perry, an icon (50 years).

Marj Sanderson of the Soroptimists was very inspiring, telling members what the Soroptimists were and how they support the wig library.

The library is in the Presbyterian Church of Naracoorte, which is decorated for a private viewing for people who have lost their hair through chemotherapy or other illnesses. Booking can be made through their mobile: 0456 562 521. The library works similar to a book library, with a joining fee of $25 for the use of the wig, and you can borrow it for as long as you need. The wig comes packed nicely in its own box with a set of care instructions, plus shampoo and conditioner. If you are not happy you can return the wig and choose another. They also have other coverings you can borrow, such as hats and scarfs.

Anne Emerson lightened the afternoon with her poems, she is a very funny lady and very clever. Thank you Anne, this was brilliant!

Then a quiz was held by Beth Ortlepp on Argentina, with more chocolate prizes. Chloe Williams then sang, Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.

Other highlights of the day were Argentinian dancing, by Phil Ross, Shirley White, Don Rosser and Dorothy Thomas that was very entertaining. If anyone would like to join dancing classes they meet once a month at Padthaway or Bordertown, please contact Phil Ross: 87655160.

ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) President Ruth Shanks will be visiting Penola for an event combined with CWA on May 16, with Simone Kain, co-creator of George the Farmer, also to feature. All are welcome. Please contact Sandra Young for any bookings or information: 0408 842 963.

The milestone birthdays of Glenice Bourne (80) and Doreen Trotman (90) were recognise. Happy Birthday ladies! 

BankSA Naracoorte also generously provided donations for the gift bags.

We then sung the WAB song, which was accompanied by Pamela Walker who gave it a big lift. Thank you to Pamela Walker for playing, as your music is beautiful.