NRM SE to resume weed spraying operations

In February 2017, the South East Natural Resources Management Board undertook a review of the way it delivered its statutory obligations for pest plant control and spraying weeds on private land. As a result the Board decided to cease fee-for-service weed spraying operations.

SE NRM Board Acting Chair Michael Bleby said discussion has since taken place with the Minister for Environment and Water, the Hon David Speirs.

“The Minister has informed the Board that following talks with local land managers in the South East, he has formed a view that the market is unable to fill the gap that was created by the Board’s decision to withdraw fee-for-service contract spraying operations,” Mr Bleby said.

“Minister Speirs has emphasised he is not critical of the Board’s initial decision and acknowledges the detailed research the Board undertook before reaching the decision to discontinue the service.

“Consequently, Minister Speirs has written asking the Board to rescind its decision and reinstate a fee-for-service spraying operation.

“Like the SE NRM Board, Minister Speirs wants to ensure that there is appropriate weed management in the South East to support the social, economic and environmental capacity of the region.

“The Board has initiated a process to re-commence providing this service to farmers and landholders. To this end the disposal of assets has been halted.”