Yakka Park Music Festival 2018 | PHOTOS

The Yakka Park Music Festival just keeps getting bigger and better, with wild and woolly weather not stopping audiences from having a dance or enjoying a tune this weekend.

“It went really well,” festival committee member Jeff Davey said.

“The weather was a bit ordinary, but we got over that. There were around 180 caravans, which was 40 more than last year.”

There were approximately 460 patrons through the gates, and they stayed “snug as a bug in a rug” as the acts wowed the crowd.

“All the artists were excellent, and they received lots of accolades from the audience,” Mr Davey said.

“Everyone had a good weekend – we’re like a big happy family.”

As well as the audience having a terrific time, Mr Davey has reported that many acts are keen to come back to the festival – and even bring their friends along with them.

Many people in the musical community know each other, and a big draw for returning acts is the ‘walk in’, where artists can audition for a time slot on the main stage.

As well as giving audiences a glimpse of new talent, explained Mr Davey, it gives hopefuls a way to progress in the music industry – if you’re unsuccessful one year, you can just try again.

The winner of this year’s walk in was Col Lindorff, who only decided to enter at the last minute.

According to Mr Davey, Col learnt about the music festival after checking in to the Naracoorte Holiday Park – and didn’t even know where Lucindale was at first!

After finding his way there and getting out his instruments, Col took home the top prize.

Mr Davey would like to thank all of the sponsors of the raffle, and noted that once again, the Yakka Park Music Festival has drawn in people from all over, with guests coming from Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.