A cold winter means more donations needed for Lifeline

With temperatures continuing to drop and the cost of living rising higher, Lifeline Naracoorte is looking for more donations of clothes, but also items such as blankets.

“There’s not enough,” Anne Redding, the Lifeline Coordinator said of donations in winter.

Lifeline are looking for any kind of blanket – including blankets for dogs – and any kind of clothing.

The last census revealed that the total number of Aussies doing it tough with homelessness or temporary housing arrangements rose 14% between 2011 and 2016.

Children and the elderly were the most vulnerable to these living arrangements.

What adds to this stress is the weather, with the first five days of June in Naracoorte already seeing the minimum drop to 2.2, 1.8, 1.8, 5.8, and then 0.4 degrees Celsius. 

Lifeline Naracoorte’s customers are predominantly young or middle aged women. Anne would like to see more elderly customers access their services.

“It would be good if we had a bus for the elderly pull up,” she said. 

As for men, the items that they were most likely to buy were jeans and workwear, such as high-vis jumpers. Lifeline also have many men’s dress trousers for sale, with a special on at the moment.

Shopping at Lifeline doesn’t always have to be for practical purposes either – many people drop in for fun costumes, or use their services to find retro fashion for parties.

Lifeline has donation bins outside of their building with instructions on what can or can’t be donated, or you can ask in-store if your donation is appropriate.

You can also call Lifeline on 8762 3926.