New NHS Principal John Harris in Naracoorte!

Naracoorte High School’s new Principal John Harris was in town on Wednesday and Thursday, and he had nothing but positive things to say about Naracoorte and the school.

“It’s been fantastic,” Mr Harris warmly said of his visit.

“People here are so friendly – the people at the school, the people at the town. 

“I couldn’t ask to come to a friendlier town.”

Mr Harris will begin his tenure as Principal in Term Three, and he is moving his family to Naracoorte from Darwin. He has a wife, Jodie, and two children, Sally and Louis.

He is being assisted by local real estate agents, and is grateful for their help. 

When asked what he was most looking forward to as the new Principal, Mr Harris emphasised the work of his predecessor, Acting Principal Jim McConnell.

“Jim’s just been doing great work building up contact with the community,” he said.

“It’s great to see that students are having a positive impact on our community. People can see what the school is doing, and it can offer students employment pathways.”

The dedication of students to their studies, and the staff’s dedication to students, also impressed Mr Harris.

“The students have achieved excellent results with SACE. The student council is positively exemplary. When I spoke with them, they were planning to go to University. 

“One wanted to be a veterinarian, and the other wanted to be a diplomat. It’s just wonderful to have students of that calibre coming out of our school.

“And they’re well supported by their teachers – teachers are giving their time after school, and staff are always willing to help.

“They put students at number one, to have students achieve their goals.”

Mr Harris has over a decade of school leadership experience. He was the Head of Mathematical Curriculum at Taminmin College in Humpty Doo, before becoming the Assistant Principal. 

In Darwin, he was a Consultant for Senior Years Mathematics, and was then promoted to Director of Senior Years Education in the Northern Territory Department of Education.

In this role Mr Harris implemented multiple system-wide strategies, with the aim of improving student outcomes by influencing change and building teacher’s capacity.

This will be the first time Mr Harris has worked within the South Australian school system, having previously worked in New South Wales in addition to the Northern Territory.