Council talks to the public about budget

The Naracoorte Lucindale Council has been taking on feedback about the 18/19 Budget from the district’s constituents in a series of public consultations in May and June.

A meeting was held in Frances from 3pm-5pm on May 31, which was also attended by Councillor Julie Earl.

On May 7 both Mayor Erika Vickery and CEO Trevor Smart travelled to Lucindale to hear from residents from 10am-11am.

A table of Lucindale residents greeted the council staff, and Councillor Toby Robinson was also there to provide assistance.

Most of the questions that were asked were about road maintenance, with the Mayor and CEO explaining that road maintenance was allocated $9m alone in the budget.

At a local level, road maintenance is part of a rolling program, and Council welcomed any information that constituents had about roads that may need repairing.

In regards to accessing state and federal government funds, whilst there was a competitive pool for federal money, it was possible for roads to be maintained through programs such as Building Better Regions, or Roads to Recovery.

The Limestone Coast’s councils can lobby as a region for roads funding, and Council can leverage its own money to assist with federal grants.

To access this funding, roads need to meet a certain criteria, based on usage and location.

The Council were also asked about letters of consultation about the leaves on the Bowling Club green, aging buildings, and the previous State Government’s ‘licence to occupy’ regarding the Historical Museum.

As the licence was an issue outside of local government, it was advised that residents consult state member Nick McBride or federal member Tony Pasin.

Lucindale residents would also like more signage for tourism purposes, as the township hosts national events such as the South East Field Days and the Yakka Park Music Festival.

This lead Mayor Vickery to speak about the Lucindale Masterplan.

“We want to do a thorough consultation,” the Mayor said.

“We want to engage with as many people from Lucindale as we can. It will have a lot of impact on the budget, and the consultation is mutual.”

Later that day Mr Smart and Mayor Vickery had more informal consultations with the public in Naracoorte, greeting passerbys from 3pm-4pm outside of Sweet Espresso cafe.

A special budget meeting will be held at the Naracoorte council chambers from 7pm on Tuesday June 12, and members of the public are strongly encouraged to come along and ask questions.

You can also write to Council at PO Box 555, Naracoorte SA 5271 or submit your thoughts about the budget via this link: