Naracoorte Men’s Shed are doing work for Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week is June 11-17th, and the Naracoorte Men’s Shed are continuing their program of health seminars.

The Naracoorte Men’s Shed have a $15,000 grant which they received from the Men’s Shed Association, sponsored by the Federal Government, which they are putting towards health initiatives.

For the local men’s shed, this initiative is in the form of monthly health seminars.

“Rather than a week, we do a year,” Naracoorte Men’s Shed secretary David Law said. 

The idea to have monthly health seminars came from community nurse Debbie Walker, who works at the Naracoorte Health Service.

Every month health professionals from all over Naracoorte come to the Shed to hold information sessions on subjects such as mental health, general health checks, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, mobility, sleep apnea, and skin checks. 

“The local health professionals have been extremely helpful,” Mr Law said. Part of the grant the Shed received will go towards a catered end-of-year lunch for all of the volunteers that assisted with the seminars.

The Men’s Shed is described as “always evolving” by Mr Law. Whilst the group originally focused on woodworking, there are now more recreational activities, such as pool, darts, and a TV area.

Whilst many men enjoyed woodworking and crafts, it was important to have things for men who enjoyed different interests and wanted the social experience, Mr Law explained. 

The Men’s Shed are always looking for new members, and frequently interact with other members of the community. A recent visit from the Naracoorte Men’s Probus Club was a success, with one or two enquiries about membership.

The Men’s Shed also receive weekly visits from the Independent Learning Centre to work on projects, and have had workshops with the Limestone Ladies CWA branch. 

“It’s good for us, to do something for other people,” Mr Law said. 

“It gives you a reason to be, doesn’t it?”

Many of the current members are retirees, and some are widowers. Being in the Men’s Shed gets members “out the house”, so that they can have time to socialise and work on practical things. 

The Men’s Shed are still doing work for the community, and take requests for projects. They are also currently selling kindling.