Frances Primary have their end of term celebrations!

Frances Primary School had a dress up day to begin the school holidays on Friday July 6, with many of the students and teachers getting into the spirit of the day.

The only rule was that students had to dress up as something beginning with a consonant (if they chose to dress up). There were kangaroos, lions, cowgirls, and crocodiles!

Students were also invited to give a gold coin, to raise money for the school’s footy goal posts.

After an outdoor school-wide lunch of treats like sausage rolls, sandwiches and biscuits, the students were seated for a special assembly.

The assembly was opened by student representatives Rosie Pfitzner and Sam Pridham, and Principal Cathie Biggins. 

The senior students then performed their first play, a humourous story about a walkathon that goes wrong. 

After that the junior students showed off their work, such as picture books they had made, and projects on Australian animals.

The weather became stormy so the assembly moved indoors, where the senior students performed their second play.

It was about a haunted school, but rather than scaring people, it got a lot of laughs thanks to some clever costumes and pantomimes.

Soon it was time for presentations. 

Achievement Awards went to Hope Climas, Joe McLean, Keanu Naylor, Eva Sambell, Renae Neilsen and Phoebe Hoctor.

Assembly Awards and QuickSmart Numeracy Program Certificates went to Beccy Neilsen, Zahli Williams, Rose Pfitzner, Jack Ryan, Mackenzee Chenhall, Jack Wilkinson, Will Pfitzner, Evie Koch, Olivia Pretlove, and Oscar Wilkinson.

Principal Awards went to Scarlett Koch and Jack Ryan. 

Reading Awards went to Zahli Williams, Mackenzie McLean and Ada Hoctor.

In the Principal’s Report, Ms Biggins thanked the staff, governing council, and council chair Kylie Ryan for a successful term. 

She also thanked the students, thanking them for their willingness to learn new things.

Before the school had an early minute and broke up for the holidays, the students performed a dance to Walk the Dinosaur by Was Not Was.