MiniJumbuk goes global!

MiniJumbuk has partnered with Borderfree to expand their worldwide distribution options. 

Marketing coordinator Kate Gill said MiniJumbuk’s partnership with Borderfree was very recent, but is already paying dividends.

Borderfree are based in Sydney, where they have their shipping hub. But they also have shipping hubs all over the world, where product can be circulated into different markets.

Online, Borderfree have set up an initial notification system on the MiniJumbuk site. When a customer first visits the site they’re met with a pop up note asking if they want to shop in their own currencies. 

When they go to browse the products, their currencies are converted. So for example, an Australian product which costs $399 in AUD may cost 230 euros.

As well as conversion, the site now takes into consideration a country’s exchange rate.

Customers can now shop via an Australian site and a Global site. The Global site includes Chinese translations, as China has been identified as a key market for Australian wool products.

The MiniJumbuk site now features over 200 shipping destinations. A customer can even shop in Australia and make sure that their product is shipped to Hong Kong, or Ireland, or even Montenegro. 

As Kate explained, the MiniJumbuk site was first set up in 2014. Previously international customers would find that when they went to order products, there would be tax and duty free costs lumped in after the purchase.

“It’s not the greatest customer service experience when the customer finds out there’s actually something like $100 added on,” Kate said.

With the new system, international customers are aware of the additional costs upfront, and can also tailor their order so that it is shipped via standard, express, or priority.

Since the revamped site has been live, there has been a steady stream of orders for international customers.

“It’s been a great opportunity to expand our business,” Kate said.