Frances Folk Gathering 20th anniversary poetry

The annual Frances Folk Music Gathering will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019.

The gathering features music, dancing, poetry and art, but to celebrate the anniversary, organisers are publishing a book of poetry – an anthology.

To fill the book, organisers are holding a competition. There are prizes for the best of the best, with $100 first prize, $75 second and four further prizes of $50.

The competition criteria does not require the poem to have been performed at the festival.

Entries should be able to entertain a Frances audience, when presented orally from the stage.

As the poetry is to be provided in written form in the anthology, and may also be presented from the stage, it needs to be able to work in both forms. Also:

  • There is no limit to the range of poetic styles.
  • When presented orally, It must be able to be understood with just one reading.
  • It can have deep emotion, but should not be miserable.
  • Humour, including satire and irony, would be well received.
  • Presentation should ideally take 2-3 minutes per poem.

The participation of local schools in the gathering has been growing, so there will be a section for young poets from these schools in the anthology.

The anthology will be launched at the 2019 Frances Folk Gathering, and copies will be available there.

Get an application form, and the conditions for entry, from the Frances Folk Gathering website: Go to “Poetry” for the details.