Naracoorte Netball Grand Final: KDOs v WWAs

The Naracoorte town netball association grand final was played on Sunday.

The result of the game could have gone either way; both teams were determined to play a strong, fast, and hard game.

KDOs were ahead by two points at the half time break - changes were made, and then WWAs took advantage of KDOs finding their team and gained a two goal lead at three quarter time.

KDOs made more changes and came out slowly, but eventually got their team to play together and finished with a four goal win.

KDO players Deb Whaanga and Niki Vearing played strong in defence, but didn’t get the rebounds easily against Aimee Hoyle and Kiara Foster for WWAs, who made sure the rebounds were very few.

Zoe Grigg, Kelsey Grigg and Olivia Slattery showed their strength in goals, with great feeds in from Cleoni Trussell and Sam Kotua. Chloe Cox and Jasmin Ireland at the first line of defence for KDOs played well around the centre court.

Brooke Hislop and Laura Reneshaw, in defence for WWAs, played a strong game and contended all rebounds. Crystal MacDermott in centre moved the ball well, with support from Kristy Jones and Ashleigh Pilven.

The game was played in good spirits, with excellent umpiring from Mel Pretlove and Sarah DuRand.

Thank you to Kym Shepherd, Wendy Reekie, Gennaeve Mislov, Peter Budrikas, and Ethan Finch for scoring and timing.

RESULT: KDOs 50 def WWAs 44


KDOs: Kelsey Grigg  12,  Zoe Grigg 14, Olivia Slattery 24

WWAs: Kiara Foster 16, Aimee Hoyle 28


The trophy presentation and wind up will be on Saturday August 25, please give table numbers to Karly Harris or Kristy Jones.