Mitchell Clark to return to the boxing ring

After hanging up his gloves for 18 months, Mitchell Clark has returned to the world of boxing and will be in the ring in October.

According to his father Barry Clark, the time off has done Mitchell a world of good. Having been boxing since he was an eight year old boy, Mitchell needed time to think about his next steps.

But now Barry can reveal that Mitchell will be looking towards winning the under 25 title in the WBC (World Boxing Council).

The Clark family are from Lucindale, and many people in the region are still interested to see if Mitchell is still swinging.

“Now they can stop asking me!” Barry laughed.

“They can go buy the paper, or I’ll charge them $2 every time they ask me.”

But on a more serious note, the Clark family have been proud to see that people are still cheering Mitchell on.

Mitchell now lives across the border, but there’s still a constant in his life. From childhood to adulthood, he’s always been trained by Ray ‘Mocka’ McIntosh.

“We’ll get the first bout out the road, and if it’s all looking good, we can go places,” Mocka said of Mitchell’s future.

Mitchell is currently in training at Mocka’s gym in Coleraine. His previous achievements include being in the top 10 of the Wimmera Top 20 Sports Stars for 2015.

He came in at number seven after a win at the Victorian Super Middleweight Championship in October.

In 2016, he achieved eight knockout victories in nine fights.