Gold for Apsley’s karate kid Haydon Tapscott

Apsley local Haydon Tapscott has come home from Sydney with the title of Australian karate champion in the 10-12 ager group.

Haydon’s sensei, Bradley Wagner from Naracoorte Lucindale Martial Arts Academy, says he could not be more proud of his students who took the amazing opportunity to head over and compete.

“We had Haydon who came first, Seth (Northam) who came second and now my first black belt student, Lauren (Farrell), will be heading to China in November to compete in the world championship.”

Mr Wagner has been training the students for around four years now, and is very enthusiastic about the team he has.

“They all had a great time, Seth did a great job for his first tournament and Haydon has done an amazing job,” Mr Wagner said.

“Haydon was a little trouper, he had to keep fighting one after another in each round and he just went out there and gave it his all.”

Mr Wagner said that despite being nervous, Haydon stepped up admirably to the higher level of competition.

“He was a totally different person once he stepped onto that mat, and even though he only had a one minute break between each round he gave it his all.”

Next in stall for Mr Wagner is heading to China with Lauren, who will be competing in the world championships.