53 quotes from regional Australians on a rollercoaster week in politics

A word cloud of quotes from 53 everyday Australians on Friday.
A word cloud of quotes from 53 everyday Australians on Friday.

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As Australians contemplated the self-destruction of the Coalition Government and a seventh change of prime minister in a decade on Friday, our journalists around the country were asking men and women in the street for their unvarnished view of the week's events in Canberra.

Take a look through 53 quotes from around the country on this map, and scroll down for reader comments from our websites.

They are just a bunch of power hungry children, there are other issues that are far more important, get on with governing the country, or baybe just sack the lot and start with people that are more focused on the common good.

Steve, 2795

Disgusting, get on with running the country not feeding their egos.

J Regan, 2360

Just more proof that politicians care more about themselves and feathering their own nests than they do about the people they are supposed to be governing. They have just handed the next election win to Labor and are too stupid to see it.

Kerry Neill, 2795

In a word disgusted. And proves Australians just are not important in the big scheme of things and plenty of scheming going on in LNP.  

Rebecca, 4306

Disgraceful, appalling, childish behavior. They should all be sacked. 

Gina Green, 7256

The Helicopter pilot who died fighting the Kingiman fire last week, Allan Tull, has today been posthumously awarded a NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner’s Commendation for Service.

Mr Tull, or ‘Tully’ as he was known to his friends and colleagues, was killed last week in a helicopter crash during firefighting operations at the Kingiman Fire, west of Ulladulla on the NSW South Coast.

Mr Tull died actually doing something to help his community.

Meanwhile, national leadership battles take politicians' energy, time and taxpayers' funds. Nothing is being done to help the planet, to help us all survive. This summer's El Nino will be much worse - this bushfire was in winter. What will we do in summer, after another 6 months of drought? It will smoulder in its underground stumps until the next high winds bring it out again like a wild animal.

Trump would say 'Our thoughts and prayers are with you,' thinking this absolves him of responsibility. It doesn't. Yes, our thoughts are with the families of those whose lives are sacrificed, and with all those aging volunteer firies who risk life and limb to save their communities. That's sad consolation when politicians are too caught up in their in egos and power plays to bother making any decisions with lasting positive consequences.

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg, you have a national responsibility to make wise decisions regarding the future of our planet. Clean energy, quality education for all children, and taxing anything that is bad for the general community for a start! 

Jesse Rowan, 2536

I'm 48 years and have lived in Tasmania all my life.

I have never been interested in politics and have never followed much of what is going on in the political arena.

I am absolutely disgusted at what has gone on over the past few days.

Whether you are a Liberal or Labor voter why should we, who elect these politicians, put up with their bickering and back stabbing each other and all this within the same party.

To make it worse, none of these politicians seem to care about what is happening in the drought-stricken areas on the mainland.

Also the rising price of real estate in both the rental and buying market.

Don't they think there are better things to worry about than who is the prime minister in their particular party?

I have also been researching what these politicians receive after resigning/retiring from parliament.

What makes these every day Australians entitled to any more than the average workers in Australia.

They, in my opinion, should be given the same entitlements as any other worker in the country.

As taxpayers who are made to vote, we should be also be entitled to vote on whether these guys deserve their abnormally large "pensions", although you can't really put their pensions in the same category as every day Australians.

Do Australians get paid by their former employers for the rest of their lives? No they don't and neither should they.

I think its about time to relook at the republic debate. Once a country’s leader is in office, I feel it should be for a set time period and only outed from this office if they do something dishonest or morally wrong.

Get your s--t together Australia and start standing up against these guys.

They don't seem to give a s--t about any one but themselves.

Tom Atkins, 7054

This infighting is disgusting, especially when our country is in such a mess! They should have just called an election and let the people choose.

Patricia Kahler, 2540

Disgusted that our young nation that has the potential to do so much and even become a world leader in so many areas , instead has to endure unintelligent politics that cost us so much time and money that could and should be used for far more important challenges. I think it’s time we had a great forward-thinking leader that treats our people with respect and nurtures our children into this coming age.

Mick Josephson, 7320

One day Mr Packer reappears in Australia, and two days later the maelstrom is unleashed. Who does run this country? I would like the permanent coalition arrangement between the Libs and Nats to be dropped, and the Nats leave the hopeless Libs behind.

Liz, 2680

How can we trust them to lead the country when they can't even lead themselves?

Andrew Riles, 2800

What an embarrassment Australia has become, we used to laugh at Italy and how often they change leaders and now we're worse. Will not be voting Liberal for a while. 

David Bell, 2290

They hide a lack of talent and ability behind these is constant dramas

Barry, 2299

I feel disgusted and would like to see people like Dutton, Abetz and most of all Abbott out of politics altogether as they are simply divisive and have nothing to offer. Their views are a long way to the right or most Australians and they are only interested in plotting. They will still undermine Morrison. Let's have an election soon.

Helen Saville, 2575

Thankfully, Turnbull's gone. I'd prefer Peter Dutton but Scomo can now be his own man. This government has done a fantastic job re-creating a strong economy which has provided the platform to create over 4000 jobs. They need to get out of the Paris agreement, build dams as was suggested by Bradfield in the 30s, and build coal-fired power stations, rather than send all our top quality coal to China and India for them to get the benefit of. Scomo's government can achieve greater things but they have to have the courage to do what is best for the Australian people. The Labor party has not had anyone worthy of governing since the Hawke/Keating era. That's when I stopped voting Labor. 

R Ondo, 2430

An absolute farce. I am sick of this musical chairs rubbish. The only bright note is that labor will bolt in the next election. But in all honesty they have a history of the same stupid mistakes.

Barry Sullivan, 2528

Wish the Liberal party could vote Tony Abbott out. Australia doesn't need someone constantly undermining and being divisive and negative.

We need unity, loyalty and more bi-partisan consensus for the good of our country. We are all over this self-interested in-fighting.

Maybe the law should be changed so the length between elections is 4+ years so that policians stop focusing on their survival at the next election and focus on the people of Australia and on stable and good governing.

Anne, 2500

Abbott, like Kevin Rudd before him, has used the parliament to exact revenge on those who ousted him for his pathetic, out-of-control performance as PM. He has done so without any regard for policy or the effect of his actions on the country. He, like Rudd, has spent all of his time orchestrating the downfall of an effective prime minister and possibly a government - therefore, he should be jailed for treason. At the very least, Australian taxpayers should demand a refund of parliamentary salaries for the amount of time wasted on these activities. Talk about fees for no service!

Ernie Van Veen, 2540