Naracoorte: Roof goes on $1.5m development

Five cranes lifting a massive 32-tonne roof into place was the latest stage of a major business development in Naracoorte this week.

A team of five crane operators plus nine other staff from Gericke Logistics erected the roof on Wednesday for a new large-scale vehicle inspection operation on the former Naracoorte rail precinct.

Peter and Carol Bull are behind the new business, which will soon become the first Naracoorte site to offer inspections under the new National Heavy Vehicle Inspection regime.

Mr Bull said the couple had invested $1.5 million into the venture and it would offer a range of new services and employment for the town.

He wants it to be a “one stop shop” for heavy vehicles, with up 10-12 staff employed in administration as well as spare parts interpreters, auto electricians, mechanics and tyre fitters. It will be able to service heavy vehicles including trucks, buses and four wheel drives.

The dimensions of the shed are 35m x 40m x 7m and it features a 33m long service pit, plus a 10m long inspection pit including a brake roller tester and other diagnostic equipment.

The building will include a two-storey office and training area to allow potential partnerships with apprentices from schools and industry groups.

Mr Bull said it had been a long haul to this point due to different challenges causing delays, and he was pleased to see some real progress.

“It was good to see it go up,” he laughed. ”It’s been two and a half years to get it to that stage.”

Mr Bull already has a number of service agreements for heavy vehicles, including with the SA CFS and other organisations, which are being serviced from a workshop at his home while the new site is completed.

The office part of the building should be completed for staff to move in soon, and Mr Bull hopes the site will be fully operational and ready to service vehicles by December 1.

Matt Gericke, of Gericke Logistics, said lifting the roof into place was quite a large operation but the actual lift took less than 10 minutes and the entire job was done in less than three hours.

He said the five cranes ranged in size from 130 tonnes down to about 50 tonnes. Parham Constructions have the contract to build the shed and sub-contracted the lifting job to Gerickes.