Goroke students visit Naracoorte’s Historic Vehicle Club

A group of students from Goroke P-12 College visited the Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club yesterday, and they were absolutely stoked to survey the range of vehicles on display.

“We have a lot of farm kids here, so they love to look at machinery,” teacher Kellie Farquharson said.

“We have one boy, all he wanted to do was find a motorcycle.”

The students have been learning about early Australia in their classes – about toys, vehicles, and other items that were used during that time period.

They have also been learning about fossils, and the trip to the Club was preceded by a tour of the Naracoorte Caves.

“It’s been good to go and see something different.”

The Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club was more than happy to have some young people in their sheds, and prepared an afternoon tea of cordial and biscuits such as Tic Tocs.

According to Club member Daphne Burford, Kellie had reached out to the Club beforehand to ask if the classes could have a look around.

“It’s unusual that kids want to come and look at old cars, but we were more than happy to have them!” Daphne said.