RAMS FOR LAMBS: A prime lamb package on offer from Days Whiteface

Caption for editorial photo  Days 150113 major sire of 2018 offering
Caption for editorial photo Days 150113 major sire of 2018 offering


Days Whiteface offers a complete prime lamb package.

Terminal and maternal options are covered at the one location with their offering on Friday, October 5 of both White Suffolks and maternal composites.

They are continually striving for increased performance while still maintaining the structural soundness that ensures their rams’ longevity.

They constantly search for new genetics, both physical rams and AI sires that add performance that will make your prime lamb enterprise more profitable.

They believe their rams have the growth and muscle the industry requires while still maintaining all important lambing ease.

Homebred sires Days 140320, 150087 and 160048 all have the phenotype they aim for.

Indeed, 140320 in particular had a successful show season as a yearling.

However, more importantly, all three are trait leaders for both weaning and post-weaning weight.

This gives prime lamb producers a lamb which will grow quickly to whatever target weight suits their production system.

The development of the maternal composite flock has been very rewarding with one of their long-term clients recently recording a pregnancy rate in their ewe lambs of 156 per cent to lambs joined.

This, along with the tremendous carcase attributes of their composites, makes them well worth a look.

A new string to the maternal composite bow has been the introduction of some Poll Merino genetics.

They chose a ram from the merino database that has excellent ASBV’s for fat and muscle.

The progeny look very promising.

They will retain one to blend through some of their composite flock and will have a small group of these rams for sale among the composite offering on Friday, October 5.